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Click here to get a rate quote for your party or call us at 770-664-1634

We would love to provide you a complete rate sheet, a quote for your specific event, and any other marketing materials which you may require to help you make your buying decision. Please contact us, and once we get some basic info, we can give you a quote that best fits your individual needs.

Our rates are all-inclusive which means just that, we provide everything right down to the table and linen. We can adapt to your special occasion, just let us know what you are thinking about. There are no delivery charges. However, we do charge an out of area service fee if your event is more than 30 miles from downtown Alpharetta. You will always know if this fee will apply before your event. You will receive a complete receipt from our representative on the day of your event.

Prices for our Super Cool Smoothie Bar start at $160. The larger the event, the smaller the per person price.
Due to rapidly rising price of gas, we have to charge an out of area fee for parties 20 or more miles from our headquarters in Alpharetta. $20 for 20-30 miles. For more than 30, we will provide you with a specific quote based on the distance.

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